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Easily Opens All File Types

Opens documents, spreadsheets, images, video & music.

image description Open and Edit Documents

Open all document files

With just a click you can open all document files including Microsoft® Word and Excel, Adobe® PDF, plus over 60 other types of files. You do not need any other software installed other than Ultimate File Viewer.

Edit documents

Do you have a document or a spreadsheet that you want to edit and make changes to? It’s no problem for Ultimate File Viewer with the built in editor you can make changes to letters, forms, spreadsheets and documents.

image description Open Photos and Images

Opens all digital photos

You can open every common image and photo format with Ultimate File Viewer. You can open jpeg, png and gif files, PhotoShop files, digital photos and over 60 other types of images.

Edit your photos

The photo and image editor in Ultimate File Viewer lets you make changes to your files and then save the changes, you can even convert your photos and images to different formats if needed.

image description Play Videos & Music

Plays all video and music files

Ultimate File Viewer has a built in media player that plays all video formats and lets you listen to all music formats – over 45 different formats are supported.

image description Create PDF Files

Make PDF files

Do you want to make PDF files, but do not want to buy an expensive piece of software to do it. Ultimate File Viewer lets you make a PDF file from any document, spreadsheet and most images.

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One-click open

Our One-Click Open technology makes it easy to open over 200 different types of files. There is no need to convert or export your files. Ultimate File Viewer takes care of everything for you.

One-click convert

Converting your files to PDF could not be easier. Just open your original file and click the convert button. Nothing could be easier.

image description Real-time Support

Ultimate File Viewer support portal

Ultimate File Viewer customers have unlimited access to our support portal, which gives you:

  • Get expert advice from support techs
  • Quick-Start guides
  • Knowledgebase
  • Open support tickets

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